The new Book from Norbert Aping "Dick und Doof - Die Geschichte von Laurel & Hardy in Deutschland "
        is said to be available at the end of the year.

   The result of the questionnaire about the ITJ / European Journal.

    The response from our questionnaire regarding a European Journal has been excellent.  Thank you for taking the      time to fill in the form and for all your comments.

     32 Tents have voted, with replies from The Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland and       all over the UK.  The results are as follows:

    Option 1  European branch and Journal ...... 14 Votes
    Option 2  European Journal only ................. 11 Votes
    Option 3  No change ..................................... 5 Votes

    We also received 2 other votes from tents ( 1 to be used as 'The Chumps' see fit and 1 offering a different option).

    There will be two chances to air your views and ask questions:  at this year's Laurel and Harday in Wigan
    (at 1o'clock) and another chance at the European convention in Germany.

    We should then have a clearer picture on how to proceed.

    John Ullah 19.08.2001

             Laurel and Hardy Museum in Solingen

            Wolfgang and Vera GŁnther have to close their Laurel and Hardy Museum in Solingen
            on September 30th    . They have been running the Museum for 10 years now in their private
            rooms but their landlord probably saw Laughing Gravy far too often and turned the film
            into reality.

            They both hope now to find a new place for the Museum and themselves as soon as possible,
             because they also have to leave the house by the end of the year.

            The Tent Meeting on November 4th will not be affected. But the traditional visit to the Museum
            has to be cancelled.