Düsseldorf 2001

5. European Convention

Friday September 21 - Monday September 24, 2001

Düsseldorf, 16. April 2000

Halloha Daughters and Sons of the Desert,

Since attending the first Convention in Glasgow '87, members of the German contingent have always been asked about hosting a convention in Germany.
Well, the easy answer has always been - not in this millennium!! . So far so good - but how time flies: the year 2000 has arrived. No more cheap excuses - we have to be big!!!

During the last decade Bram Reijnhoudt has established a new convention type, the Euro - Convention. After four great Conventions in the former monastery of Rolduc by his Dutch Perfect Day Tent, it's time for changing the venue - otherwise there would be too many nuns on the run!!!
Because of the short interval between the British and the European Conventions in the past (both in May) it' s maybe a swell idea to celebrate the next Euro - Convention later in the year!

We are very happy to announce that the German THAT' S MY WIFE TENT (Oasis 199) of Düsseldorf will be hosting the 5th European Convention of the SONS OF THE DESERT.
All fellow Daughters and Sons are invited for a long weekend of fun and levity!
Don't go to the mountains or shiphike to Honolulu - join us at the Holiday Inn Düsseldorf / Kaarst from

Friday 21st to Monday 24th of September 2001

Please excuse one more final change of date, but even though we' ve contacted the trade fair department about a listing of fairs in 2001 to avoid that the convention would be on the same day of a big fair, there has been booked a fair right at the time when the first date of the convention was planned. That would have meant a much higher price for the hotel!

Because it' s the first big Laurel and Hardy Convention in Germany it's hard to guess how many conventioneers will book for this event. The Holiday Inn Hotel has facilities for up to 450 guests.The THAT'S MY WIFE TENT has reserved 120 rooms with an option for more! So if you really intend to come please book early - the more people come, the better the programme can be!!

The cost for the long weekend is DM 550,00 (ca.GPB 170,00 / US$ 290 ) per adult staying in a single-room and DM 475,00 ( ca. GBP 150,00 / US$ 250,00 ) per adult staying in a double/twin-room. Children aged 5-14yrs staying in the same room with their parents DM 210,00 ( ca. GBP 65,00 / US$ 111,00 ). Children aged under 5yrs are free. Prices in GBP and US$ = current exchange rate to the DM )

The price includes all meals, accommodation and entertainment.

Extra bonus: There's one free drink (Soft-drink, beer / wine) with each meal in the hotel!!

To wet your appetite, we've published this leaflet to outline the agenda for hopefully another nice convention!

We look forward to seeing you all in Düsseldorf - the last convention where you can pay with the good old Deutsch Marks!!

Please contact Harry Hoppe for more information