Booking form
(For One Room only)
Düsseldorf 2001

5th European Convention of the sons of the desert

Convention fee :

Adult single room
Adult double room
DM 550,00
DM 475,00
Child (5 to14 years inclusive)
(in their parents room)
DM 210,00

Please fill in the names of All guests (including children)

Name Age if under 15 Which Tent do you represent? Special Diet Code

Diet Codes: V = Vegetarian and diary products         VG = Vergetarian no diary products

Name for corresondance:_______________________________________________________


If you are a single person but would like to share the room then please tick this box    
Please tick for convention T-shirt DM 30,00 extra   Small     Medium     Large     Extra Large    
I case you don't want to be mentioned on the list of delegates please tick this box    

Special Requirments:__________________________________________________________

Please send this completed form and a deposit of DM 150,00 per person by 1st December 2000

to either : or:
Laurel House
102 Hough Green Road
Widnes / Cheshire
WA8 4PF / England
Michael Schmitz
Dürerweg 4
40724 Hilden

Or transfer the deposit to the convention account: Convention 2001 - Harald Hoppe
Kontonummer 84008036; BLZ 30050110; Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf
2nd payment: DM 200,00 by 1st June 2001
3rd payment: outstanding sum - incl. the T-shirt costs by 1st August 2001.