Exchanging Dollars

All the sons from America who want to join us might find the following information very useful.

Glenn from Milwaukee sent a mail to my place and said:

You can get foreign currency or Travelers Cheques in foreign currency delivered to your home overnight by going to http://www.currency-to-go.com or by calling 1-888-CHASE84.

This service is provided by the Chase Manhattan Bank, but you don't have to be one of their customers.

The rates are very favorable and can be charged to any Mastercard or Visa. If your total order is under $500, there is a $10 service fee, if your total order is over $500, there is no service fee.

Orders can be placed online, but you can request special denominations by phone.

Thanks for the support Glenn.

If anyone else has got some helpful information he / she would like us to put on our page, please don't hesitat to let us know.