List of delegates





1 Bagley Tony Busy Bodies England
2 Bischoff Andreas That's my wife Germany
3 Bolder Sjaak Perfect Day Holland
4 Boon Map Perfect Day Holland
5 Bousma Siep Double Whoopee Holland
6 Brands Jos Perfect Day Holland
7 Brands Petra Perfect Day Holland
8 Brodie Maureen Blotto England
9 Brodie Paul Blotto England
10 Brouwer Robby Perfect Day Holland
11 Brouwer Ron Perfect Day Holland
12 Buysse Greta Me and my Pal Belgium
13 Channing Dolores Dancing Cuckoos USA
14 Channing Donald J. Dancing Cuckoos USA
15 Coninck Marc de Me and my Pal Belgium
16 Conn Charlie Bacon Grabbers England
17 Cordon Bob Brats England
18 Cormack William Our Relations Scotland
19 Craig Christine Blockheads Scotland
20 Craig Martin Blockheads Scotland
21 Davidson Dave Helpmates England
22 Deraney Allen Flying Deuces USA
23 Dörr Two Tars Germany
24 Dyke David Our Relations Scotland
25 Dyke Douglas Our Relations Scotland
26 Dyke Liam Our Relations Scotland
27 Elliot Eric Live Ghost England
28 Finney Mandy Laughing Gravy England
29 Freitag Frank That's my wife Germany
30 Fromm Dagmar That's my wife Germany
31 Fromm Markus That's my wife Germany
32 Fromm Ronald That's my wife Germany
33 Fruth Robert That's my wife Germany
34 Fullbrook Dave Live Ghost England
35 Grave Marion Berth Marks England
36 Günther Mathias Glückliche Kindheit Germany
37 Hawton Janice Bonnie Scotland Scotland
38 Hawton Tom Call of the Cuckoos Scotland
39 Healey Elaine USA
40 Healey Jim Helpmates UK USA
41 Heijer John den Perfect Day Holland
42 Hepplestone Kevin Brats England
43 Hickson Bob Be Big England
44 Hoops Heyco Germany
45 Hoppe Christel That's my wife Germany
46 Hoppe Harry That's my wife Germany
47 Hutchinson Jim Live Ghost England
48 Hünefeld Ralf That's my wife Germany
49 Johnson Ken Helpmates England
50 Jong, Hanno de Perfect Day Holland
51 Kane Julia Our Relations Scotland
52 Keller René Swiss Miss Schweiz
53 Kempster Del Live Ghost England
54 Klaus Meike That's my wife Germany
55 Klijn Annemiek Perfect Day Holland
56 Koppens, Arn Perfect Day Holland
57 König Birgit That's my wife Germany
58 Kranendijk Albert Perfect Day Holland
59 Kruis Laurens Perfect Day Holland
60 Kuhn Gerald That's my wife Germany
61 Kukla Glenn D. Bacon Grabers - Chicago USA
62 Küppers Peter That's my wife Germany
63 Lahiff Rose Dancing Cuckoos USA
64 Laroy Joris Me and my Pal Belgium
65 Layton James That's my wife Germany
66 Leigh Norman Bacon Grabbers England
67 Lewis Charlie Blockheads Scotland
68 Lindner Piet Perfect Day Holland
69 MacKenzie Rona Blockheads Scotland
70 McIntyre Pat Call of the cuckoos Scotland
71 McIntyre Stuart Blockheads Scotland
72 McIntyre Willie Call of the cuckoos Scotland
73 Mitchell Clive Helpmates England
74 Mijnhout Emyl Perfect Day Holland
75 Mogendorff Nico Perfect Day Holland
76 Morris Annie Early to Bed England
77 Morris Grahame Early to Bed England
78 Müller Dierk Two Tars Germany
79 Nightingale Andrea Be Big England
80 Nooy Ked Perfect Day Holland
81 Oliver Richard Blotto England
82 Phelps Frank Dancing Cuckoos USA
83 Phelps Mary Ann Dancing Cuckoos USA
84 Piras Stella That' my wife Germany
85 Radevan Robert Perfect Day Holland
86 Randall Richard Helpmates England
87 Rathjen Michael Two Tars Germany
88 Reedijk Piet Perfect Day Holland
89 Reijnhoudt Bep Perfect Day Holland
90 Reijnhoudt Bram Perfect Day Holland
91 Reijnhoudt Marleen Perfect Day Holland
92 Riox Roy A. Utopia USA
93 Riox Sheran R. Utopia USA
94 Ritter Michael That's my wife / Two Tars Germany
95 Robinson Steve Live Ghost England
96 Rooseboom Arend Perfect Day Holland
97 Rooseboom Arjen Perfect Day Holland
98 Rooseboom Fred Perfect Day Holland
99 Saunders John Live Ghost England
100 Schmitz  Dr. H.H Germany
101 Schmitz Franz That's my wife Germany
102 Schmitz Marlene That's my wife Germany
103 Schmitz Michael. That's my wife Germany
104 Schult Johann Bullfighters Germany
105 Schult Ute Bullfighters Germany
106 Schuurkes Cees Perfect Day Holland
107 Schuurkes Eric Perfect Day Holland
108 Senkowski Jean Dancing Cuckoos USA
109 Siepman Joep Perfect Day Holland
110 Stier Reinhold Germany
111 Thiel Jan van Perfect Day Holland
112 Tielke Wolfgang Two Tars Germany
113 Tierney Laura Blockheads Scotland
114 Tierney Martin Blockheads Scotland
115 Traynor Samantha Leave 'Em Laughing England
116 Traynor Tony Leave 'Em Laughing England
117 Ullah John Laughing Gravy England
118 Veldmeijer Cees Perfect Day Holland
119 Vermeulen Johan Me and my pal Belgium
120 Waite Antony Midnight Patrol England
121 Waite Vicky Midnight Patrol England
122 Wark Betty Blockheads Scotland
123 Wark Colin Blockheads Scotland
124 Williamson Dave Blotto England
125 Woods Eric Come clean England
126 Zeinstra Dirk Perfect Day Holland
127 NN NN NN
128 NN NN NN
129 NN NN NN
130 NN NN NN