22nd UK Convention

Paisley 4th May - 7th May 2001

Mathias Günther, Peter Küppers and I arrived in Scotland already on Friday 27.04.01. Janice and Tom put us up and after a good breakfast we rented a car and drove to Edinburgh to see Frances Hughes where we stayed for the next two days. Some Rugby, very good breakfast , a few pints of Guinness and a lovely Indian meal where involved. But time went by far to quickly. And on Monday morning we were on our way to Islay. I don't think I have to mention what we wanted to discover there...

Thhhey Suttardai Afftrnnoooon , Hicks... brought us back to Gourock where we again enjoyed a nice curry and on the next morning we headed to Paisley where we met Bob Hickson and Tony Bagley who where first at the Hotel. It didn't take all the others too long to arrive as well. And very soon the lobby was filled with laughter and fun. I don't want to mention too much about what happened. Everyone who was there knows it anyway. And all the others who couldn't make it will surely know and have no difficulties to imagine what happened. And someone who hasn't been there yet can't be help by just a few lines of text. Please take my advice - come to a convention, join the sons. That's somthing you'll never ever forget.

And to give everyone an idea - here are the pictures.

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Four Sheik Birtdaycake cutting tournament Parade at the Hotel Karaoke with Harry and Mandy
Looks great Bob That's how it could be done.... That's how it should be done.... Nice to see you again Yes, that's it
Pat McIntyre won the Maquette passing the pineapple to Southend Charlie Lewis and Martin Tierney Tony Traynor Grahame Bishop and Averril