Convention 2001- a cuckoo oddity

22. UK Convention

Friday 4 May 2001 - Monday 7 May 2001

To be held in Watermill Hotel Paisley, handy for 'planes, trains and automobiles.

The weekend will be along our usual familiar comforting lines - ie, alcohol will play an important part. There will be days out, nights in, fun in abundance (instead of a pie fight).

Friday sees us registreing and socialising until late, very much in keeping with the Sound of Music song for any newcomers.

Saturday, and Mr. Smith goes to town, followed by the rest of us. The GFT beckons and don't forget the Panoptican Theatre, where we can pay homage, as only we can. There will also be free time in this former City of Architecture.

Sunday, well, it must be quiz and games day. The intention is to head towards Milngavie and the West of Scotland Rugby Club for games, quiz, buffet lunch before (and this is where it get's really exciting) decending upon the Glengoyne Distillery - where a free dram follows the tour.

2001 sees one of our fraternal tent - The Bonnie Scotland Tent's Silver Jubilee, expect a little party for that, no doubt the theme of the evening will have started with our day trip.

Monday, more Sound of Music, with so long, farewell, aufwe - that's as much German as I know......

The managment, sheikh, anyone else involved reserve the right to remain silent and amend items on the itinerary as he, she or it sees fit.

CUCKOO: Voice - female has a bubbling trill and male, a rasping chuckle. Sound familiar?

For futher information don't hesitate to contact Janice Hawton via Willie Mcintyre

Brandnew Information got to us only two days ago:

There will be also a Film show at the Glasgow Film Theatre

The Bonnie Scotland Tent Silver Jubilee celebration will take place

Fancy Dress contest, games and quiz won't be forgotten

Hotel film shows with rare movies of course

....and Ceilidh, sales stalls and more

Cost, including accommodation, meals and entertainment: 160.00 per person (only 150.00 per person if paid in full before 1st January, 2001)

Deposits of 50.00 payable by 1st October, 2000 to

Janice Hawton, 5 Tantallon Avenue,Gourock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, PA19 1HA

Cheques etc payable to the Bonnie Scotland Tent